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Giving Back to the Community

One of the primary focuses expressed by the Goode Motor mission statement is to "provide continual growth and improvement to our families, our employees, our business, and our communities." We do this by pledging to "invest in our communities."

Over the years, Goode Motor has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into our communities through donations, scholarships, charitable events, and donated labor.

Below are a few recent examples of our
"Goode Gives Back" successes.


Simply Hope

Simply Hope is a non-profit family outreach program for families in need of hope. They are a volunteer organization with the primary goal of supporting area families struggling with the effects of addiction, codependency, divorce, grief, and suicide.

The leaders of Simply Hope approached Goode Motor requesting a donation to help them solve their transportation needs. Instead of giving a small donation, Goode solved their problem by donating a 15-passenger van.

Goode Gives Back Golf Scramble

We created an annual Goode Gives Back Golf Scramble to help schools build positive engagement activities for the students in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The most notable donation was a walking path for students and teachers to use. Not only did we donate the funds to build it, but our employees donated their time and labor to construct the path.

We also partnered with the Twin Falls Education Foundation to help us generate more community involvement; now, the proceeds go to mini-grants that help teachers purchase needed supplies to have worthwhile activities in their classrooms.

Teacher Scholarships

Every year, graduating seniors are honored at their schools for the various scholarships they won. Goode Motor decided to add teachers to the list of award recipients. Thus, the Goode Motor Teacher of the Year Award began.

We survey students and parents to find the most deserving teacher candidates at each area high school. Then, we give the winning teacher a $1000 cash award in front of the entire student body.

Drive For Your School

Each fall, Goode Motor Ford hosts an annual carnival in conjunction with a local elementary school. Goode Motor Ford donates an amount equal to the proceeds generated by the carnival raised on a dollar-for-dollar basis to meet specific needs of that school.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been donated to upgrade school libraries, build playgrounds, and much more!

School Athletic Donations

School sports and athletic programs encourage our youth to work toward a goal and the community rallies around the youth in their success and opportunities to grow.

Goode Motor has donated tens of thousands of dollars to help numerous sports programs buy necessary equipment.

Goode Motor Education Foundation

Last year, the owners of Goode Motor created the Goode Motor Education Foundation to provide education related assistance to underprivileged children and youth.

As the first major donation, the Foundation sponsored a dozen children in Cambodia to receive a full-time education and supplied new computers for several college-aged students.

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